Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One rule - for a rewarding life

There are rules, and then there are rules.

What is that one rule when followed promises you a rewarding life?

Make a habit of doing something that you have never done before. Simples!

On Dec 2010, One of my friends introduced the rule to me. I toyed with the idea for a few weeks. After lots of introspection and internal debates I narrowed down on the one thing that I have never done before and wanted to do. Let me elaborate.

I used to workout 3 to 4 times a week, in an attempt to manage my weight and in the hope that it will compensate for my less than desirable lifestyle choices I had made earlier. I was not particularly happy with my level on consistency and commitment I showed in my gym visits.

Thats when I saw the promotion material for Henley Triathlon. Immediately it caught my fancy and guess what, I had NEVER participated in a triathlon before!

I slowly internalized the idea of me, a pleasantly plump, unfit, lump of flesh participating in a physically demanding task of swimming, cycling and running in quick succession and decided to give it a go. The six months leading up to Henley Triathlon 2011, I learned many lessons and I will always remember the moment, the feeling, and the effect of crossing the finish line, cherish it for a long time to come.


Kanchana Ramaswamy said...

we can see and feel the excitement, success and hard work on crossing that finish line through your blog and pictures...Congratulations for acheiving this feat and thaks much for sharing..
Good luck on many more such ventures to come :-)

Gireesh Venkateswaran said...

Thank you Kanchana!