Thursday, October 03, 2013

10 Key Lessons for my Kids

I have two wonderful kids. I have a constant fear, deep down, that I may die way before I could pass on all the wisdom (really?) that I managed to learn (did I?).

What would I want to pass on to them ? Here we go...

1. Courage - it does not mean absence of fear. It means doing something, in spite of fear. It means that realizing that something is more important than the discomfort, pain and hurt.

2. Failure, embrace it.

Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times trying to invent the light bulb and after the 10,000th time; he succeed. You don't fail till you quit !!!! Its far better to attempt and fail than not attempting at all. You may be scared about failing and may make the worst decision you could make - that is to make no decision. It will paralyze you. Decide, act and deal with the consequence. Refer to point 1.

3. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. Every thing will happen in its own time. What matters is what you do when you wait. Prepare, prepare and prepare while you wait.

4. For every bad man you find, there is a good man out there.

5. You have the power to choose. You may not have much control over the situations you find yourself in. You have 100% control over how you respond. Make a wise choice. Refer to points 1, 2, 3 4 and 5 while you consider your options and apply point 6.

6. The ECE Cycle (TM) - ride it all the time. ECE Cycle (TM) - Evaluate, Choose, Execute - cycle.

7. Pride is a virtue. Take pride in what you do. Be passionate about what you do. There is nothing called a bad job, but there is something called a job done badly. If you become a programmer, be the bloody best you can be. If you become a janitor, be the bloody best at it. Take pride in what you do.

8. Always choose skill over money, fame, power. Become a master at your chosen skill set. Others will follow.

9. Be selective, very selective. Apparently there was a creature similar to swan. If you feed it with a mix of water and milk, it would filter out the water and consume only the milk. Develop an attitude like that. Ignore the negatives (in people, events, ideas - in short everything), absorb the positives.


PS: There is a reason why I have not given the lesson number 10. Its for the kids to figure out.