Monday, November 23, 2009

Name the Photo

Please feel free to suggest a title for the photo I clicked today. Use the comments section to leave your suggested title.
Dont limit it to just title, if you can describe what comes to your mind when you see the picture, what ever comes to your mind, what do you think the picture conveys to you, just write it down as comments. Basically I am asking you to interpret the picture. 
Titles So far I have collected from my family & friends are:
An Empty Head
Ellam Mayam
A Headache
No HeadAche.
No Head, Ache.
Ghost Rider
Visor but not Wiser
Hel Met Gloves
Knock Knock Whos not there.
Oh my god!
Invisibility Pill worked!
Ohh no I forgot to wear my head
Titleless Photo - I think this photo is a masterpiece beyond words...something that should be looked at and contemplated...the mere fact that so many names have been suggested is an indication of the subliminal message in this work of art....I think this deserves it's own 'obviously unnamed' corner in the Louvre.....
Genius...sheer brilliance...seminal.