Thursday, February 19, 2009

Abu Qatada given £2,500

UK courts have ruled that Abu Qatada is a Threat to UK's security.
UK Courts have awarded Aby Qatada with £2500 as compensation.

Has UK directly funded terrorist activity ?

Only Time can tell...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

xpenser - I am hooked

I have always wished that I had a better control over money. Which meant that

  1. I set out a budget
  2. Set myself savings target
  3. Have a big picture view of my expenses.

However, the pain points were

  1. to track my expenses at a low level so that I can analyze where the money is spent
  2. track the cash expenses that I do

Mainly, I was too lazy to feed the data into my xl on a day today basis. So I had given up on tracking on low level, and track at an abstract manner, Like

Card expenses - £700

Cash expenses - £150

Now, thanks to my Brother in law’s “Tweet”, I am hooked to The USP is that they offer multiple interfaces to update your expense on the go, like Mail, SMS, Twitter, iPhone, Phone calls etc.

It has other cool features like tagging, and categorizing!

The advantages are multi-fold :

  1. I have 300 sms per month, I hardly use 10, so I get more value from my mobile service.
  2. I don’t have to sit every day to file my expenses.
  3. It massages my ego by not making me look like a miser.
  4. Makes me more aware of where the bloomin’ money goes.
  5. Makes me look cool, puts me in the early adopters group. (Not so early in this instance)

I strongly encourage you to try it!

Trust me! It’s worth your time!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow in slough

It snowed big time here !
Worst I have seen so far!

All trains, buses, are cancelled, ppl are advised to stay off roads. I had to drive to work though! I took a snap of snow on top of the car.

The ironic part is, in the US, its common to have 4 to 5 feet snow, and still things are functional, where as, here, just for about 6 inches of snow, entire London has come to a grinding halt !!!

We just got advised that we need to go back, since more snow is on the way!