Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 10 Posts - From my blog

I thought of sharing the most popular posts based on page views with you.

At 10th place, with 125 page views my tamil poem நான் வருவேன். 
This was my attempt at writing something to inspire the reader to recover from setbacks.

At 9th place, with 126 page views Psychology of Hinduism - Part II explores concepts of Worship.

At 8th place, with 126 page views a pictorial question Who Are you?

With 150 page views at 7th place "What Is The Golf Swing," by Roy McAvoy - nothing original in the post a mere record of a particular part of a movie that enjoyed the most.

சுவை a tamil haiku poem that I wrote in my late teens - a pun involving sour grapes takes the 6th place with 153 page views.

An Olympics 2012 inspired post Olympic Torch Relay, So what ? enjoys 5th place with 165 page views.

Christopher's smile charity (Details can be found here) who i support and wrote an article in my attempt to raise some funds Parent's Nightmare is at 4th place with 166 page views.

Setting up the context for the Psychology of Hinduism series, the part one article Psychology of Hinduism (Part 1) sits pretty at 3rd Place with 193 views.

With a 1000 page views, at second place, translation and commentary on one of my all time favorite songs  Mannippaya ? Translation & Commentary 

And the First place goes to another translation work by yours truly, Translation...New York Nagaram... with 1312 page views.

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