Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why should I care?

I go to my office, I get a monthly salary, I have invested in a nice flat, I am investing in retirement funds, and I drive around in a vehicle that I could get at mortgage.

The roads are pathetic. Why should I care?

I am not patient at the traffic lights, Coz I need to go where ever I go. The person on the other side of the traffic light also got to go where ever he has to go, so what? Red is just another color!!! Why should I care?

Government is displacing hundreds of villages, without proper infrastructure and transparent relocation plans. SO WHAT? It’s not next to my flat! Why should I care?

In my country, secularism has become synonymous with insensitivity to one religion or other depending on who is ruling there. Why should I care?

As I write this today, hundred of students up north are facing the wrath of their own governments, because they feel that social assertion agenda of the government is not fair. So what? Why do I care?

A state, which is integral part of my country, is refusing water to other state (Except at the time of floods), which is also an integral part of my country, claiming ownership of the river. The farmers don’t want to share the natural resources with their counterparts elsewhere. Why should I care? It’s there problem. Let them solve it.

Fuel prices are skyrocketing. There are other factors involved. But, do I know, what are the taxes that I pay, the surcharges I pay to get that fuel? I don’t think I should know, All I know is I can afford or not. If I cannot afford, I will find alternatives, like vehicles that give more mileage, public transport system, etc. Oh, I forgot to mention, the buses, don’t stop at their designated stops. Chalta hai! I will run and cling on to the footboard with a toe and a fingernail.

I have become disconnected with everything around me. I have gone into a cocoon and I refuse to see what is going on around me. I have a thick skin.

My forefathers, not so long ago, spilled their blood, sweat and guts to give me this freedom. Now I am free. I can do what I please. It’s my freedom. I choose to have thick skin; I refuse to wake up from the slumber. I am very happy that majority of my fellow Indians are like me.

Arre baba! They will take care of everything. They will set it right. They will change things around. Things will get sorted out.

Me? I will go back home, enjoy my cup of tea and relax.

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