Thursday, May 18, 2006

We are not sorry. The seat is "Reserved"

I read a OBC leader's opinion. He says that, in the general category there are 50% percent of seats and there are only 15% of Upper Cast people.

If the upper cast has to make an impact in our own country we need numbers by our side. It's a long term process and if we start now in about 18 years we can double upper cast numbers (that can vote) and from there, probably we can bring the population distribution to a 50-50 proportion.

Survival of the fittest, how perfectly it fits to our current situation?

When mandal one happened, I took it as a step towards improvement. I thought we are empowering the oppressed. That I am from TN and I already was forced to give up my Engineering aspirations to a person of lower cast who had marks just like mine or even lesser is a different question.

I always accept when some one who is more capable than me defeats me. But when unfair practices beat me, I am pained.

Now when mandal 2 is happening, I am near tears, since I feel that this severely restricts my children for absolutely no fault of theirs and because its utterly unfair.

I am feeling so very helpless and frustrated. I feel like doing something, but don't know what!! More than what, it's the price that I might have to pay for what ever it is, is what weighing in my mind.

It's just like ragging in the colleges. Juniors got ragged just because when the seniors were juniors they were ragged. It's a vicious circle. My forefathers some centuries back did some not so nice things. I am paying for it. My children will pay for it. May be my grandchildren will still pay for it. I am not sure if it will ever stop. And if by chance the tables get reversed and IF upper cast become majority, I hope the cycle does not start again.

I believed in my constitution, that says, all are equal.
Looks like my constitution is not as fair as it claims to be.

I believed every word of the pledge that we used to take every day in our school.
I treated all my fellow Indians as brothers and sisters. In my 25 yeas of existence, i have not discriminated against any one. My country paid me back by making it more difficult for my children and grandchildren to get into an education institution of respect.

I was proud of calling myself as Indian.

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