Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pramod Mahajan - Killed

When I write this, a great personality will be burning to ashes.

Yes, one of the few political leaders who the younger generation could lookup to has lost his life to the jealousy of his younger sibling.In the span of few weeks (before this was written), I happened to witness two prominent figures take leave from this world.

The emotion both evoked in me was so different.

When the news of Mr. Mahajan’s demise came out, I had felt a pang in my stomach. There was a lump in my throat. I don’t know this person. I have not heard him render his famous speech; I have not seen his much praised organizational skills and problem solving skills. Still I am feeling a great loss.

All I know of him is through newspapers and TV clippings. Having seen many a70 some thing politicians, ruling the roost, I thought, here is a young man, who seems to have something to offer in terms of a different perspective, and approach the issues with a modern outlook. Somewhere deep inside me I had visualized him as India’s prime minister. I liked that idea a lot. I have to say with a sigh, we have lost a greatleader.

When the news of Mr. Rajkumar’s demise came out, I was not that surprised or sad. May be it was because, He was much older, and the cause of death wasnatural and the element of suspense was not there. It was like, “Here is thenews, Deal with it” Where as in the case of Mr. Mahajan, It was like, “May be” “May be not” for12 long days, with a nation rooting for his recovery and well-being.

Probably that was the reason for the huge sense of disappointment felt by many. Couple of days before the end of Mr. Mahajan, My aunt said, that according to the astrologers, if Mr. Mahajan survives on April 29, then he would be the “King”. He did live beyondthat date. Along with that, lived my hopes of his revival.

The only thing that is not corrupted (yet) in this world is Death. It is also the most secular, equal opportunity provider and establishes the equality with finality. It goes about doing its duty irrespective of color, cast, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, you name any discrimination ever conceived. I cannot seem to respect death enough.

I mean, how many times some one has bribed and avoided death? So many people have spent few minutes each to wish that Mr. Mahajan were not dead! They would have pleaded, begged, and prayed. On the contrary, when He was shot, there would have been enough people whowished that he never saw the day light again, and he breathed his last onthat day itself, and cursed the health care professionals who took care ofhim. They would also have pleaded, begged, and prayed that he died with outany further delay.

But No!!! Our beloved Death did not think so! It has set a date, and it was going to make it, no matter what others would want! This incident is yet another reason, to live life to its fullest.

You neverknow when your turn comes. You also don’t know when the person you care for,will get his/her call.

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