Friday, April 19, 2013

Great Ancestor of Tweets

Micro blogging, tweets, SMS all offer the challenge of communicating your thoughts in about 140 characters.

About few THOUSAND years ago, a poet pioneered the the art of micro blogging. His name - Thiruvalluvar

He wrote "Thirukkural" made of 1330 couplets, each no more than 7 words (technically they are "Seer" ie a blend of two or more words, example Tirukkural is a blend of two words Thiru + Kural) each. Four words on the first line, three words on the second line, and managed to convey and communicate in a condensed manner.

The poems are classified under three major Subjects, each having various chapters


The timeless nature and the universal appeal of the thoughts and ideas expressed in these poems makes it an enduring and compelling read. 

The topics/ideas discussed vary from God, Rain, Virtue, Royalty, Administration, Good governance, Parenting, Morality, Love, Infatuation.

I am thankful to my teachers who introduced and taught Thirukkural to us. Although I did not like the tests where we were expected to memorize the kurals, I now realize the value of learning Thirukkural.

There are some kurals that I aspire to live up to and there are others that I am not familiar with.

In my next series of articles I will share some kurals that had an impact on me and my outlook.

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