Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel peace prize for Obama

Some people are born great. Some work towards greatness, and then there are others, who have greatness thrust up on them!! I guess this case might look somewhat like that, if i see from a very shallow view point.


On second thoughts, I think, it is a good idea that Obama has been awarded the Nobel for Peace. Its like Nobel committee has volunteered Obama to be the "Bringer of Peace" to the world.


Its more like "Pay it Forward".


Just because now that he is a Nobel peace laureate, he cannot authorize and declare new wars, and also figure out calling off the wars that are going on currently, and thereby propagating peace, and also cannot propagate nuclear weapons. He would be all the more committed towards nuclear weapons free world.


I am simply amazed at the farsightedness and the big challenge that the Nobel committee has thrown at Obama.


May be It is a strategic move, perhaps influenced by the likes of Iran, Iraq, Afganisthan, Pakisthan and North Korea. (Basically all the people who see the US as the finely tuned war machine). You never know, how the political undercurrent and diplomatic forces work.


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