Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gun Salute

President Obhama welcomed with a 21 gun salute, during his visit to Soudi. The question is, Why do leaders of state get a gun salute. What is the significance of the same ?


When I “googled up” I realized that in the olden days, When military leaders held meetings, they used to empty their guys (those days, its was like you load once, then fire, then load and so on) in a gesture to say that they don’t mean harm.


Even before the guns, they used to point their spears and swords downwards to show that they don’t mean any harm.


Now that’s the logic behind the gun salute. The number 21 seems to be purely arbitrary with significance from biblical and astrological reasons.

It used to be 7 gun salute, since 7 has biblical significance. 21 is a multiple of 7.


So, now a days, any leader who commands the military when visits a nation, then the host military gives a 21 gun salute as a mark of respect. That is considered as the highest honor!!


Interesting eh!


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