Thursday, June 03, 2010

Why the rain should go away ?

Rain Rain Go Away

Come again Some other

Little Jhonny Wants to play

Rain Rain Go Away


Rain Rain Go to Spain

Never Show your face again!


I recently read the above nursery rhyme in one of my friends FB status.

The above nursery rhyme outraged me! It sounds wrong at so many levels!!!


Why do we want to poison the young mind with such vicious thoughts ?


"Never Show your face again!" – Why ? What did the rain do to deserve such contempt ? The poor thing is just doing its job!


"Rain Rain Go to Spain" – Why ? As though "Rain troubles me, I don't want it" "Let it go to Spain and let it trouble them, they deserve it!" – Why ? What did Spain do to get your trouble passed on to them ?

Imagine, if Rain does hear you, and decide, what the hell, I shall come another day. When It comes back, I am sure you are going to make the kid sing the same song, and guess what the Rain will go back. If it happens every time the Rain comes anywhere near us, it will finally give up and say, "You know what? I am never gonna come back" – we all die of dehydration and hunger!! Well done guys! You just wiped out life from the face of the earth!!


PLEASE think before you teach such mindless songs to the kids.


As my one of my cousins once Said – "Raise above your pitiful self, and think about the greater good of us".


Pugal said...

Hi G, Thanks for tickling some smiles. I was wondering why the rain should go to Spain instead of India. Then realized, this rhymes is created in English time, where they had a long pending rivalry with Spaniards( all learn from movie Brave Heart), and could be the reason...

Gireesh Venkateswaran said...

That is an interesting point Putal.

I thought brave heart is about Scots vs English?