Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why God Cannot Touch Devil!

Devil is vital to perceive God...Just like Sun emits Light, that makes us see things, Devil does evil, that helps us understand the difference between good and bad, and hence try to seek good (God).

Take Devil out of the equation, we would not know the difference, since there is nothing to compare with.

So, I believe, that without the Devil, God cannot exist, and It would be counter productive for God to destroy Devil. If he chose do that, then God becomes irrelevant in the people’s mind. So, Even though God is Omni potent, Out of political reasons, God cannot Destroy Devil. So Devil is Here to Stay!!


Anonymous said...

a thought provoking piece
can hardly b disputed


Naz said...

At December 17 (Wednesday) 2:01 PM, we both were at office; you were refereeing the bloody god and devil; and me? at work. Hmmm.. God are you seeing this ? Even if you do, I dont see why it should bother Mr G; you are anyway not Mr G's reporting manager.